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Parker Compound Bows

Robert (Bob) Errett founded Parker Compound Bows Inc in 1984 under the name Nationwide Archery. Bob was previously part of the Bear Archery, and friend to the Fred Bear. In 1983, Bob left Bear for Nationwide Archery. As Nationwide Archery grew, in 2003, it became Compound Bows Inc.

Having said, the influence of Bear Archery, and Fred Bear can still be in the designs of Parker’s bows. However, Parker Crossbows stands in a league of its own with its consistent delivery of high quality and effective products.

Under the leadership of Bob, their products are in over 1200 retail outlets across the United States and Canada. Thanks to their rapid growth, they had the honour of being named “The Fastest Growing Manufacturer in Virginia”, not once but twice – something that few companies had rarely the privilege of winning.

This may be due to the fact that their team consists of enthusiasts who know the market very well. There are archery enthusiasts, bow hunters and season industry veterans. They use their own experience, and knowledge to push Parker to become one of the top ten crossbow manufacturers.

Parker Bows’ designs suit any hunter and whether you are a seasoned veteran or novice taking the crossbow out for recreation, there will be a Parker crossbow for you.

Their crossbows are of a lighter weight, and they boast better balance with the speeds range from 275 to 350 feet per second.

They consist of a five-position retractable stock, also build many crossbow accessories to further enhance your experience. Some include:

  • High-grade carbon arrows with infallibility
  • Red hot high-velocity crossbow strings
  • Advanced trigger system with safety and anti-dry fire mechanism
  • Patented roller rope cocker
  • Patented capture nocks

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